Little Vegas in Asia – Macau

Some time ago, I told myself that one day I want to travel somewhere in a helicopter. While staying in Asia, I thought to myself, why not take a helicopter ride to Macau?

Helicopter ride to Macao

Here we go!

Let’s go gambling

What a spectacular view  from Macau! The weather was a bit cloudy but the view was amazing anyway. It was so amazing, I just couldn’t take my eyes off of it. From the helicopter, I could see all the remarkable skyscrapers of Hong Kong and all kinds of different shaped islands. It was an amazing flight!

With this helicopter ride, I traveled from Hong Kong to beautiful little Las Vegas of Asia in only 15 minutes. I stayed at the newly opened resort called the Galaxy Macau.

Resort Galaxy Macao

Wow! What a chandelier!!

The sunny weather was ideal for taking a walk to the water park at the resort. The park is enormous! What amazed me the most was the world’s largest wave pool – I have never seen anything like this before! It was so refreshing and perfect on a hot sunny day!

Largest wave pool, Galaxy, Macau

Wave pool, Galaxy resort

Macau is known as Las Vegas of East. What to do once you are in Macau? Roll the dice of course! I took with me to the casino a lot of enthusiasm and positive thoughts. A combination of the two usually brings me luck. Guess what? Once again, it brought me luck. and let me just say I didn’t leave casino barefoot….

If you visit Macau, I have a great recommendation for one of the best places to eat! I recommend fine dining at the Italian restaurant Terrazza. It is a Michelin Star awarded Italian restaurant and it is located in the Galaxy resort. Dishes are made of the freshest ingredients and hospitality is at its best. The best part of this experience was that they finished cooking my meal right in front of me. This was a delicious gourmet experience with exquisite taste.

Restaurant Terazza, Macau

It tastes as good as it looks.

Finally the evening arrived and let me tell you about my style of celebrating life. I celebrated by partying at Cubic where the entertainment venue has a powerful sound system that makes you feel the music in your veins. After some delicious cocktails and dancing all night, I went to the after-party at the nightclub called Pacha, and continued partying until sunrise.

Club Cubic Macau

Shake it!

Always time for a massage

I decided to go and relax at Banyan Tree Spa Macau. I am so addicted to visiting places like this whenever I have the opportunity. I treated myself to a Thai massage. I spend my time at the relax zone area with a cup of jasmine tea.

In addition to these interesting places I visited, I must recommend one more great thing for you to add to your bucket list. The House of Dancing Water is a spectacular show where amazing artists bring magical moments to the audience. It is a must see for sure!

In each city, I always tend to go to the one and only Hard Rock Cafe which often offers live music and dining. Who doesn’t enjoy live music and a beer!

Heading back to Hong Kong and this time with the super fast ferry, TurboJET that has me back in Hong Kong in only sixty minutes! Hong Kong and Macau are great places to visit and I will definitely be back for more fun!

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