Beautiful Venice


San Marco Square.

Venice is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world and there are many reasons for this. This fairy-tale city is of epic grandeur, with beautiful architecture, gorgeous canals from small to large that weave throughout the city, its fashion, its art, the food, the shopping, and so much more.  Lucky for me, the city also happens to be close to home and I get to visit it often.

Ines Juranovic

Exploring the canals by boat – a must do in Venice.

Here are just a few of the places that I enjoyed on this visit. Let’s start with Basilica di San Marco. This is a sight to see – the domes, ornate facades, all of the fine details, it is truly a beautiful place and a must see for anyone visiting Venice.


A beautiful day at Basilica di San Marco.

Next is Palazzo Ducale. This beautiful place is set on the waterfront and is grand in so many ways with beautiful facades. I am inspired every time I see both of these grand and beautiful places – so grand but also elegant.  Also see Santa Maria Gloriosa dei Frari, a large gothic church completed in 1492, the year America was discovered. There are so many beautiful buildings in Venice that one could easily write a lengthy book about every single one.


Enjoying another beautiful in Venice.

There are two great ways to explore Venice, by foot and by boat.  This city is a labyrinth whether on the water or walking the neighborhoods. You will find beautiful architecture, shops, cafes, restaurants, and likely get lost but this is half the fun!


A little shopping in Venice. Such an amazing place!

During this trip, I took a luxury and classic motor boat that had beautiful woodwork – this is a lot like a limo on water. This trip took me by Palazzo Ducale and many other famous sites and back to the heart of Venice. The trip was incredible! And of course, I also did a gondola ride through the narrower canals of Venice. This was a delight and I will not hesitate to do it again.


Exploring the narrow alleys of Venice.


Seeing Venice at night by boat is a great experience.

To enter the city, I like crossing the Constitution Bridge. It is not historic but I enjoy the way it is lighted and it makes for great pictures. Explore this city on foot as well as there is so much to see. Cross over the Rialto bridge and take pictures from the bridge as well below it. This bridge is beautiful. Get lost in the neighborhoods and discover new places. You will get lost, I have never met anyone who has not but you will always find your way and see and learn about new and beautiful places. I love to explore and this is a great way and place to do it not to mention it is free aside from the shopping!

Ines Juranovic

Exploring Venice and its many bridges. This is Rialto Bridge.


Entering the beautiful city of Venice.

I tried some different restaurants during this visit. One restaurant I tried for dinner was Trattoria Povoledo. This restaurant is centrally located not far from the train station, has outdoor waterfront views, and friendly staff. This is a good place to go if you have a larger group as well as they have plenty of room. The restaurant features good Italian, Mediterranean, sea food, and of course pizza! There were no complaints we had a great evening.


Exploring the labyrinth of Venice.

Next up was Ristorante Roma. This restaurant is also along the waterfront and has a cozier atmosphere. The place does not get the best reviews but I had good service, good food, and they have a fairly extensive wine list that even included some from Slovenia.

For a rooftop restaurant, I try the Top Of The Carlton Sky Lounge & Restaurant. The have great views of the Grand Canal and Venice and I definitely recommend at least coming here for a drink just to take it all in. Enjoy Venice’s beautiful skyline and the relaxing atmosphere here. The food was great as well!


Exploring Venice at night via a classic wooden motor boat.

Like always, I had a great time in Venice with my friends and hope to be back soon. Time for my next desitnation!  Ciao Ciao Ciao!

Patty and Ines Juranovic

So happy to meet up with my good friend Patty in Venice

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